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Voice Over Talent Registration is a process where a voice over talent sends a voice sample to the voice over agency which will then be auditioned so they can enter the voice over agency platform. Ready to join the journey with us?

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Stages of Becoming a Successful Voice Over Talent

How To Join in Inavoice as Voice Over Talent?

In the voice over talent registration process, they will usually be asked to fill in several data such as profile data, payment details, audio gear equipment list, and also send photos and voice samples that they have. There are two ways to join Inavoice voice over agency. The first method is for voice over talents who live in Yogyakarta; they can audition, which we conduct annually. Meanwhile, the second method is for voice over talents who do not live in Yogyakarta; they can submit voice samples through this Talent Registration Page.

Requirement to be Inavoice Voice Over Talent:

  1. Possess a distinctive voice character not currently available on the inavoice.com platform.
  2. Demonstrate expertise in reading voice over scripts, as evidenced by intonation, pauses, stressing and the theater of mind created while delivering the script message.
  3. Has a unique selling point that is different from other voice over talents.
  4. Voice over talents residing outside Yogyakarta must have appropriate voice recording equipment.
  5. The voice samples that has been submitted, will serve as our reference for evaluating the qualities mentioned in points 1 to 4 above.

Why We Put Our Standard High?

We provide quite high standards in our assessment of the quality of voice over talent because we want to provide the best for the voice over industry in Indonesia. By striving for excellence, we select only high-quality voice over talents to join our agency platform.

Why We Open the Online Registration Now?

We are currently opening online voice over talent registration because we feel that the demand to become voice over talent at Inavoice is quite large. Even the voice over talent auditions that we hold once a year are not enough to fulfill the need for this desire.