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Inavoice Audio Marketplace:
A Place for Talented Music Contributors
Around the World to Connect

Alongside with the growth of the digital industry, the market of the creative industry is being pushed to provide the needs in a short and with a set time. The creative industry itself especially for digital content providers are required to work fast, therefore the need to connect with the right partner who can provide all your needs is a must. This follows as an answer for tight deadlines that are sometimes given from clients. Imagine that you will have high flexibility in time so you are able to do several jobs at once.

Not only as a partner for the visual needs, but also to provide the best audio treatment is also a key. Treatments such as voice over production with broadcast license, audio marketplace, music production service and also sound design is a must-have. Choose an associate who is truly professional in doing your work, not only because it will complete the job in time, the outcome will certainly be worthwhile. To have a partner who really knows what is being worked on is another advantage for you, since not only to provide your needs but also involve them for more professional technical insights on the production for the best outcome of your product.

As an answer to all these issues, is here for your solution. has officially opened the Audio Marketplace channel with a variety of music from many talented music contributors around the world. At the beginning, focused on the Indonesia Voice Over area, along with its growth, was able to overcome the global challenge of being able to provide voice over in various languages ​​from voice over talents around the world. Then now, Inavoice present you Inavoice Audio Marketplace. The space where you can find backsound music needs for your digital products.

As our audio marketplace channel is now officially on tap, is doing one's best to achieve its vision to be One Stop Solution for Your Audio Visual Products. This big step is taken since the team understands how difficult it is for you to get the best music quality that suits your production needs. Besides, it is also a challenge to get voice over talent with broadcast license then as The Biggest Digital Agency and Audio Marketplace is determined to be able to meet your audio needs from the start.

What is Inavoice Audio Marketplace? Inavoice Audio marketplace is a digital music marketplace with a selection of the best music from all over the world and presented by Inavoice develops its range to work on with many talented and experienced music contributors from around the world so Inavoice able to guarantee the music in the audio marketplace library is unique and intended to meet the needs of global creative industry market.

Some of our music contributors come from Indonesia and several others from Russia, Australia, South Africa and also lots of possibilities to have more music contributors from other countries. To have numerous music contributors all over the world is our certain goal since its diversity music forms is essential for us. By having various music from music contributors around the world, would be able to be a solution for the challenge of diversifying this form of music.

To become a music contributor for Inavoice Audio Marketplace you have to go through a severe selection process from team. Music contributors candidates are required to send some music demos they made to our team. Then the received music demos will be selected by internal and external selector from the team, marking points based on some points. The important points to become our music contributors is follows for its uniqueness, marketability and earned achievements as music contributors. This selection process is expected to be able to achieve solutions for music diversity form challenge.

What makes the music diversity form become important for us? This is because of the need of clients with market demands for unlimited music genres. We have no ideas who will be knocking through our page, its audio and music needs and its products. Therefore, to have various kinds of music is one important key to this necessity.

After all the introduction of Inavoice Audio Marketplace, the next question will be why do you need to consider Inavoice Audio Marketplace as a partner to count on? As we have mentioned before, assure you the uniqueness of its music selection, based on your production needs and produced by music talented and experienced music contributors in its line. Another thing is that our team has considered the user experience and easy user interface for users of Inavoice Audio Marketplace. Not only to be fully experienced and trusted in the creative industry especially for audio, we are all well aware that to compete in this digital era, we have the need to have a high-end and capable IT Developer team. Therefore, Inavoice will be able to become a well built company. For the result, our developer team built a page with high accessibility by minimizing issues on Inavoice Audio Marketplace page. Some issues that often occur such as long awaited loading pages, low resolution music preview and difficulties on music browsing because no options according to the category were fixed and overcome by us.

Apart from what we have mentioned, when you use Inavoice Audio Marketplace you will be given the license access. The license we provide is All Regular License, which each client will be allowed to use the music they have bought for one digital product to be published on various media channels including advertisement needs.  Each purchase will get an authorized letter, which will ensure the product security to be distributed according to its channel.

All the thing you need now is just to do a one click on purchase now button. Payment method can be done by Paypal and credit card. If you are not familiar with both payment methods, you can contact our admin for more information to do payment by using bank or wire transfer. You can make your own personal request to our admin for your music purchasement if you need invoice receipt or tax invoice. All of these were provided to you so you will be able to get the ease workflow as a client which certainly has different needs.

Invoice Audio Marketplace is definitely perfect for all of you as digital content services such as digital agency, creative agency, production house, advertising agency to digital content creator like Youtuber and podcaster. All for the convenient and easy complete accessible service from one service platform. By hoping that the developments and growth presented to you by Inavoice, we hope that Inavoice are able to overcome the challenges and ideals and help to develop the creative industry specifically digital industry.