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Inavoice committed to challenge the fast-paced Creative Industry with the best services we can provide. Voice-Over Production, Online Background Music marketplace, and also Music Production. Not only in Indonesia, but around the world. We keep our professionalism along with the smart offers we present to keep your comfort, safety and get the best result of the product you deserve according to your directions. We done it better.

Voice Over Talents

Bringing Your Brand to The Next Level

The selection of the best performance voice actor not only in Indonesia but in any languages. Choose any Voice-Over styles to make up your brand. You know your brand tone of voice. Choose your Voice Talent, we do the rest.

Inavoice Audio Marketplace

Making up your project music makes perfect

Arguably the biggest background music marketplace in Indonesia. Discover the curated, customizable music tracks and any audio related files for your next Audio-Visual project. It is easier, safer, faster, and better.

Professional Music Production

Now Is The Perfect Time for Your Brand to Sound Out Loud

Music composition from the experienced producers with magician touch in their head. They know how to sound your brand out loud.

Inavoice Studio Rent

The Professional Voice Over Studio

International broadcast standard voice over studio to help you record your sound and any audio related with professional assistance with the best delivery format.

Inavoice x Noice

Bring Back The Memories In Modern Platform

Inavoice and present a collection of 10 audio series with unique stories that will keep you hooked from the start with a fresh classic radio drama on a new format.

Present You

The Biggest Voice Over Agency and Audio Marketplace in Indonesia

Latest Work:

Bank Indonesia
Botika Smart Speaker
Specs Indonesia
SAB Group Indonesia

Voice Over

The selection of the best Voice Actors in any languages, any Voice Style to make up your brand.


Audio Marketplace

A place where you can find background music for your Voice Over Projects


Music Production

Experienced Music Producers who know how to sound your brand and your Audio Visual Product out loud.

Voice Over Talents

You know how your brand, you know the voice. Choose the talent, we do the rest.

Alanna D
Alanna D
Aimee S
Aimee S
James D
James D
A Borrell
A Borrell
Mike D
Mike D

We have an idea that we are not only great at working on Voice Over Indonesia projects, but also with various Voice Actor in different languages around the world! If you need Voice-Over talent to come up with your project, kindly check on our page and choose your best Voice Talent by clicking on the button above. Studio Specification


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