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Voice Over Talents

Bringing Your Brand to The Next Level

The selection of the best voice over talent in any languages and any voice styles to make up your brand. You know your brand, you know the voice. Choose the talent, we do the rest.

Professional Music Production

It's Time for Your Brand to Sound Out Loud

Music composition from the experienced producers with magician touch in their head. They know how to sound your brand out loud.

Inavoice Audio Marketplace

making up your project music makes perfect

Arguably the biggest audio marketplace in Indonesia. Discover the curated, customizable music tracks and any audio related files for your next project. It's easier, safer, faster, and better.

The Biggest Audio Marketplace and Voice Over Agency in Indonesia

We help people in the creative industry who have full awareness of the importance of quality audio to achieve quicker, safer, and better partners to produce voice over and background music. Unlike other voice over creators or post-production services, our solution is a SMART OFFER for the better experience in your audio services that include 24 hours express production, unlimited revision editing, free voice over consultancy, and a 100% Moneyback Guarantee.


Voice Over

The selection of the best voice over talent in any languages, any voice style to make up your brand.


Audio Marketplace

A place where all your questions about audio and sound needs are answered. Properly.


Music Production

Coming up from the experienced producers. They know how to sound your brand out loud.

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Our Talents

You know how your brand, you know the voice. Choose the talent, we do the rest.

We have an idea that we are not only great at working on voice over Indonesia projects, but also with various voice over talents in different languages around the world! If you need voice over talent to come up with your project, kindly check on our page and choose your best voice over talent by clicking on the button above.

How To Order Voice Over?

Here are some steps for ordering voice over through our website as the leading Digital Voice Over Agency in Indonesia. We are here to fulfill your voice over production needs. Of course, not only Voice Over Indonesia, we have more than 30 languages with the best voice talent choices in several different countries. We also work on several other projects such as Dubbing, Audio Book, Youtube Localization, Podcast Production, etc. which of course is still related to voice recording work.

VO Talent Search

1. Talent Search

Make sure that the first step you take to place an order is to choose the right talent for your project. Searching can be done easily via the search bar on the page. Find voice over talent that matches your criteria by listening to voice samples through the voice over talent profile that appears.

VO Get Quote

2. Complete The Details

Fill in the 'send us message' form completely, so our team can follow up on your request either by email or by phone. Don't forget to include a message if you need something that isn't accommodated in the form, such as duration, and voice over broadcast distribution channel.

VO Talent Agreement

3. The Agreement

After all the details are filled in and the script has been uploaded, please wait a few moments. will reply to the order with a quotation, and if it is necessary we will submit some talent suggestions that might be suitable for your project.

VO Get Quote

4. Get Quote

After you get the voice over talent that matches your criteria, click 'get quote' on the talent profile. By clicking this, you will go directly to the 'send us message' form to fill in the required data. Fill in the 'your message' table with questions or other talent references that you want to use to complete the data.

VO Script Upload

5. Upload The Script

Don't forget to upload the script that you will be working on, so that we can estimate how long the duration of the voice over project, and do the reading test. Write it in the message column if you still don't have a script to work on this voice over project.

Working with people who are professionals in their fields is a must. We understand that much online voice over marketplaces & voice over agencies offer the same services as us. Of course, by understanding this, we will guarantee the best audio quality and more than 100% effort for each project.

Audio Marketplace

Need a fast audio service for your projects? Go choose them by yourself!


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